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Cosmetology State Board Prep Class

​​State Board Prep Course Balance $150

State Board Prep Course $300

State Board Prep Course Deposit $150

Have you completed 1500 verifiable training hours from an accredited cosmetology school or completed 3000 apprenticeship hours under a licensed Cosmetologist? Have your Cosmetology license expired and you need to retake the Georgia State Board Exam? Have you already taken the Georgia State Board Exam and did not pass or feel like you are not 100% prepared to take the State Board Exam . If so, we can help you take the first step to successfully passing the State Board Exam and achieve your Cosmetology license!

​S7TA offers a 5-hour intensive hand on State Board Preparatory Course that is structured to help students successfully pass the Georgia State Board Cosmetology Practical Exam.  We're now teaching the current NIC curriculum with a 100% pass rate! The cost for the 5-hour class is $300, which includes: Cosmetology State Board Kit, Handbook and Certificate of Completion.

Our courses cover all practical core domain sections of Cosmetology as prescribed by the criteria set forth by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology.

1. Work Area and Client Preparation and Set Up of Supplies (First client 15 minutes)
2. Thermal Curling (10 minutes)
3. Haircutting: 90- Degree Haircut (30 minutes)
4. Work Area and New Client Preparation and Set Up of Supplies (Second client 15 minutes)
5. Chemical Waving (20 minutes)
6. Predisposition Test and Strand Test with Simulated Product (10 minutes)
7. Highlighting with Foil, Virgin Application with Colored Simulated Product (15 minutes)
8. Hair Color Retouch with Colored Simulated Product (10 minutes)
9. Virgin Hair Relaxer Application with Colored Simulated Product (Untimed)
10. Blood Exposure Procedure (10 minutes)
11. Basic Facial
12. Sculptured Nail

Our state board prep courses are scheduled by appointments ONLY! Please give at least 2 weeks advance notice for classes.  To guarantee the best possible pass rate, we recommend that you complete al sections of the course.  To schedule and reserve a date for a state board class, a non-refundable deposit of $150 is required and the balance of $150 is paid 24 hours prior to the course date. Once you have scheduled and reserved your course date, an appointment confirmation letter will be sent directly to you via email.

Class Fee is non-refundable. Class dates may be rescheduled once. 

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